Well, it's been a good run. We've contributed to our goal of taking this piece of shit off the market. What began as a drunken idea took off into a viral campaign that got featured in the New York Times, the London Times, the Washington Post (twice), Wired Magazine, and many other news outlets. We're sad to call it quits, but are happy to see that the need for this site no longer exists.

As a result, it's time to wind things down. We'd be happy to see FUH2.com take on a new life, maybe in another form. If you are interested in purchasing FUH2.com, please submit an offer.

We'd like to think the 5000+ contributors who have been the foundation for this effort--without your help, we'd be seeing more of these impotent, overpriced, polluting, wannabe status symbols roaming our fine roads.

Thanks and take care,